The Ivy Extends to Birmingham

The Ivy unveils a new branch in Birmingham. Jas Sansi powers up his Nikon and charges over to the most anticipated opening of 2018.

2 The Ivy.JPG 
Unless you frequently walk across the city centre, you may have failed to notice just how hilly Birmingham is. We’re the fourth highest city above sea level, canal boat users negotiate twenty locks to enter Gas Street Basin, the heart of the Midlands Canal Network.
Canal 2
City Bikes zipping around the flat streets of the capital may experience a more challenging terain here in Brum. Little surprise Boris bikes in London have three gears, whilst we are to have seven. That said, I am looking forward to them.
Cornwall St 1.jpg

The highest point in the city is home to Birmingham Cathedral. It’s befitting for this magnificent Anglican gem to stand in the heart of the city at the greatest elevation. The Cathedral celebrated it’s 300th anniversary in 2015 with a stunning refurbishment. If you’ve never been, do pop in. 

2 Birmingham Cathedral.JPG

To enjoy the exterior, stroll across the Cathedral grounds, affectionately known as Pigeon Park. Sit on one of many benches provided and enjoy the  stained glass windows by Birmingham born Edward Burne-Jones. Alternatively you can request a window table at The Ivy.


The Ivy launched this week in Temple Row bringing the Art Deco elegance of this London establishment 119 miles up the motorway. 


To The Ivy, I would like to convey a very warm welcome to Birmingham. We’re the youngest city in Europe with 40% of our citizens under the age of 25.


The Ivy may have taken 101 years to arrive but they find themselves in good company, there’s never been a better time to be in Brum.

11 Bham Weekender.JPG

…a finely tuned orchestra of colour

HSBC return to their historic home in May 2018 moving their UK headquarters from London Canary Wharf to Birmingham Westside. 


We’re proud of our neighbours, Coventry for winning City of Culture 2021. Coventry will unveil a programme of events in the build up to the Commonwealth Games hosted by Birmingham in 2022.

Commonwealth Games.jpg


The four years after 2022 see unprecedented development around an integrated and enhanced transport system; an expanded Birmingham Airport, more Metro, cycle lanes and quite possibly driverless cars. 


The forest of cranes across the city’s skyline will give way to a new version of Birmingham. And then we have 2026.

0 Snowhill

In 2026, London is pulled closer to Birmingham with the arrival of HS2. Londoners who can’t get a table at The Ivy in WC2 can make the 45 minute journey to the group’s Temple Row restaurant. Snooze meals off with the return journey or better still, stay overnight and further enjoy all the city has to offer. 


We’re a city of learning. Along with the biggest public library in Europe, Birmingham can boast more Universities than Florence and more trees than Paris, under which 65,000 students can aspire to become the next Isaac Newton.

Library of Birmingham.JPG

The Ivy Birmingham is a finely tuned orchestra of colour. The fabrics, materials and paints test my Nikon’s colour handling ability. Its a challenge the restaurant has posed and the camera company accepted for over a century. Both The Ivy and Nikon began their incredible journeys in 1917. 

St Patricks Parade 2014 2.JPG

The results are here for all to see, and hopefully enjoy. See you at The Ivy.

The full set of images from the VIP launch of The Ivy Birmingham:
 The Ivy Birmingham


67-71 Temple Row, Birmingham B2 5LS

0121 725 2110

Jas Sansi is a freelance photographer based in Birmingham, a trustee of LoveBrum and columnist for The Asian Today.
@jassansi 07930 837 505

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